Month: September 2013

Community Worship Center DNOW 2013

The past weekend, Glowing Heart drove all the way to Perryton, Texas. We were excited to see how God would come through. Upon arrival we spent time in prayer and set up, but we were crazy excited to meet the

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First Baptist Church Buda DNOW 2013

FBC Buda marked the second D-Now of the year and  our eighth day to be together as the official GH group of 2013-2014.  Friday was only the second time we’d ever had to set up a stage.  While there were

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Lake Fork Baptist Church DNOW 2013

As one of the returning members this year, I was very excited to start the new Glowing Heart year. Music camp was a fantastic experience and it was great to see how the new members gelled as a team both

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