Month: January 2015

The Gospel in Life

I work at Kroger as a grocery stocker. It’s a good job, and it helps pay for food, gas, and school. I spend most of my time taking items back and forth between the back room and the sales floor,

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Blessings of Suffering and Comfort

In his letter to the church in Corinth, Paul talks a lot about comfort. Actually, within the first four sentences of II Corinthians, the apostle uses the word “comfort,” or some variant of it, ten times. Paul titles God as

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“God worked in my life this weekend.” A look at DNOW

My first time being a leader at a DNOW event was when I tagged along with the Glowing Heart team in February of last year. I wasn’t a member of Glowing Heart yet, and I barely even knew what Glowing

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God is Bigger

Winter Reunion. Music Camp. Searcy DNOW. Thus begins the spring semester. There’s something comforting about that little dirt road leading into Focus Pointe Base Camp in Alba, Texas. Every bump and curve felt like a welcome from the camp itself,

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“Focus Pointe feels like home to me. Why? The answer is…” A look at Focus Pointe

Every June, the Glowing Heart team members go to Focus Pointe Base Camp and spend a week preparing the property for the many students who will be coming for Pacesetters camp. And every year, I have a sense of coming

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“I’ll never forget what one said after a silence…” A look at 3:10 Coffeestop

Glowing Heart is privileged to have the opportunity to invest in people on all fronts, and by all means. One in particular that is close to my heart is our 3:10 Coffee Stop ministry. Because God has placed us so

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