South Park Summer Retreat 2015

God is a great designer. Actually, He is the Grand Designer. He has designed the universe, the ecosystems, humans, and all creatures. He designed numbers and their functions, physics and sound waves, chemical reactions of the brain and language itself. He is the Grand Designer. And one of His designs was this past weekend with South Park Baptist Church.
How did God design the weekend? First, He prepared the hearts of everyone who would be in attendance. Like tilling soil, God was making sure that those involved would be ready for whatever He had planned for them. Second, He brought everyone there for a specific reason. Each and every person that attended the South Park Summer Retreat was there because God wanted them there. He had a reason for making the weekend available and for making sure they weren’t going to stay home because of sickness or other hindrances. Third, He matched each student perfectly with a leader for one-on-one time.
The male leaders greatly outnumbered the male students. It was over a three-to-one leader-to-student ratio. But what was amazing about the weekend was how each student happened to choose a leader that was able to help them specifically by either being a trusted listening ear or saying exactly what they needed to hear. And I’m not only talking about the guys. Each girl student was matched perfectly with a girl leader to make that one-on-one time effective in their heart, mind, and soul. While this is something that happens every weekend retreat Glowing Heart does (by the grace of God!), it seemed very apparent this weekend. I saw how each leader was able to speak truth and life into the hearts of the students, and I was pleased to see God’s handiwork all over it.
It was a wonderful weekend with a totally unique group of students. Their youth is one of the most diverse groups I’ve seen, which is surprising given how small it is, and is one that GH sees on a weekly basis. This weekend was a great foundation, a breaking of the soil, for what God will plant and grow throughout the year as we invest in them week in and week out. God is a great designer, the Grand Designer, and this is the beginning of one of His masterpieces.