God of All Sound and Mercy

The Calvary DNOW in Ruston, Louisiana was one of the most unique DNOWs we’ve had in awhile. It brought unique challenges and lessons and unique blessings and illumination of who God is. And that seems to be the theme of Glowing Heart this year: the greater challenge we face, the greater reward of seeing Christ’s power revealed.

With Henry still at home resting from his surgery, the Leadership Team was leading forthright, with a little more experience now. The members on stage (which is every member, excluding me) were setting up with ease, and I was in the back with the soundboard, getting ready for soundcheck and only a little worried about what the evening may hold. Because, unlike most of our DNOWs, Glowing Heart wasn’t the only one performing. Phil Joel, formerly of Newsboys, and Brock Gill, internationally-known Christian Illusionist and speaker, would be sharing the stage, and I was the crosspoint of all three performers. I was in charge of running everything through our soundboard.

First, let me explain my experience with the soundboard: I have only mixed sound for Glowing Heart, and only for a few months at that, which means I have really only had to know how to turn the sound up and down. That’s it. So when Phil Joel and Brock Gill appeared with questions about how to add sound effects and patching in a wireless mic, and with a crunch on time, I was getting anxious. I have since learned how to solve all those problems (and they were actually quite easy!), but in the moment I was under trial by fire. Of course, Phil and Brock didn’t know that. They were doing what they’ve always done, and I was the “sound guy,” and I needed to do the sound stuff.

After finally setting up everything, and feeling confident that we were ready to go, I stepped back from the soundboard, and that’s when everything shut off. Someone accidently unplugged the power cord. I was almost in tears. I reset everything, hoping that everything was how I left it, and then it was time for the service. And this is where God showed off His power in my weakness, because the service flowed with relatively few hitches. When Phil Joel and the youth band played “Good, Good Father,” I was actually in full-out tears. I was reminded that God is good, and He is my father, and I was wrapped in the comfort of His grace that night.

Glowing Heart had a great weekend, and for the most part we were allowed to sit back a bit to solely worship God without thinking about playing, or preaching, and even on Saturday morning, without teaching! We were led into worship, preached over, and taught to. We saw the amazing power of prayer as we prayed that God would save one specific student, and He was faithful to do so! I even started praying over the soundboard before I turned it on. Oftentimes, Glowing Heart empties itself during the DNOW, but this time we were filled.