A View on Differences and Similarities

I love long road trips. They relax me. This trip was a little less than relaxing though, because instead of the usual two-vehicle caravan Glowing Heart travels with, we were all together in one van– for five and a half hours. I get tense sitting in between people for extended periods of time (I try to sit on the end of rows and pews), and yet, despite my discomfort I really enjoyed the time we had together. It gave me an opportunity to truly appreciate the diversity of personalities and humor within Glowing Heart, and will probably be a memory I’ll cherish for a long time. Not because the memory was a spectacular event, but that it was a normal day with spectacular people.

Henry was back for the first time since his surgery, and it was interesting. The relief on the whole team was good, since it wasn’t on us to completely lead each other. But with Henry returning comes the rekindled fire to purge some of the things that slipped by unnoticed while he was away. Immediately, the rehearsal was focused on fine tuning and correcting things musically, and was definitely “shaking the tree–” Henry’s words. Getting back in shape is rough, but also needed. The improvements were extraordinary.

Once we finished rehearsal, it was time to meet the students. I was actually with high school guys this past weekend, while I’m usually with middle school guys, and it was very different! With high school guys, I usually have a hard time “getting in” with the group, especially when it comes to sports and athleticism. Simply put, I’m not athletic and I never played sports. I lose that common ground, and it’s honestly a bit intimidating. I feel like I’m not connecting, and without connection, I can’t have the impact I desire. But then God reminded me that He placed me in that group for a reason, and He would show me that reason.

I only had one one-on-one (that’s a lot of “ones!”) and I started to realize why I was there. I was there for that one student. God placed me in that group, let me build that relationship, and then have the Holy Spirit speak through me to encourage, correct, and guide that one student. It ended up being a wonderful one-on-one, and I could tell it truly impacted that student. It was what he needed.

With all the different students and all the different leaders, it makes perfect sense to have specific leaders to connect with and impact specific students. We are made with our personality differences to diversify and connect in unique ways. God knew what He was doing (whadayaknow!).