New Prospect Baptist Church 2017

As we arrived at New Prospect Baptist Church, there was a love in the air, not like in relationships, but the lovebugs that were flying around. We were swarmed by them, from the beginning of the weekend as we stepped out of the vans to during recreation as we played games, even to the moment I went to close up the trailer right before we were going to drive away and multiple flew out. These lovebugs we experienced at the beginning of the weekend, were just a foreshadow of the love that we would experience and teach about throughout the weekend, the love of Jesus.

New Prospect Baptist Church was a new church on your DNOW list this year. Trey Lewis, a former Glowing Heart member, is the pastor of the church, and has been trying to get Henry to come out for several years and finally we were able to get it into the schedule. The church is located in the community of New Prospect, Louisiana near Dry Prong. After all the band equipment was finished getting set up and rehearsal was over, I went and double checked all the computer stuff. When I got everything fixed, I went to join the other GH members and the students. I walked into the youth room and it seemed like we had always been there. It didn’t seem like two groups mashed together but one group that always knew each other. After awhile of hanging out and playing games, we went outside and had a bonfire (our DNOW theme this year) while we waited for the football boys to arrive.

Once the football boys arrived, we headed in to start the worship rally. We used this time to pump up the students for the fun, worship, and sessions that they would experience over the weekend. After the rally we headed to host homes, and chilled out for a little before we started sessions. The DNOW was on the smaller side, we had only five people in the middle school guys house, but that didn’t mean that the DNOW wasn’t any less fun or impacting. A student told us about how she felt like every problem in her life was chosen for her but the material reminded her, she was adopted by Christ and all that could be taken away by Him. Overall the weekend was amazing and a great way start to the semester and year.

The service on Saturday night impacted many students in many different ways. Austin brought an incredible message followed by Henry leading the invitation . One student told us that during the service, he felt God poking him hard in the chest, that he felt this pain and God calling him to the altar and that God would take away that pain and help him. One girl who connected with Austin’s testimony, she and Austin both have turrets syndrome, felt so encouraged by the fact that he was living a normal life and doing ministry to glorify God and that she wasn’t going to be held down like she thought she was. There were 4 salvations and multiple rededications.  Henry reminded us all that silence is not golden in our Christian faith and Trey reminded us that starting the race might be easy but finishing is hard and this went perfectly in line with our material talking about being on fire for God and running the race as Hebrews 12:1 says:

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”