The Hills DNOW 2017

It is always so fulfilling to see how the Lord moves despite what may be going on around us. This past D-Now in San Antonio is a perfect example of how Christ can still work in peoples lives even when other things happen that try to distract us. We started off the weekend like we do every weekend, by meeting at the church and connecting with kids, then we head to our host homes to break into our first session. It became apparent after just one session that God was going to do big things this weekend. It was also going to be a tough weekend. For some of us, the devil was trying hard to distract us and keep us from doing what God had planned. Throughout saturday we have more sessions, along with a fun recreation time and free time to bond with one another. We discussed a different topic in each session, from discovering our identity in Christ, to learning more about our calling as christians and finishing with learning about our mission. As we progressed throughout the sessions, you could tell which student was effected by each lesson. On saturday night, students are given the opportunity to talk to a Glowing Heart member one on one about anything going on in their lives. What touched me the most this weekend was the story of one of the girls in my group. This girl had been dealing with feeling abandoned by her parents, and she was able to connect with a Glowing Heart member with a similar story. Through the sessions and that Glowing Heart member, this girl found that her identity was in Christ, not in anything else. This is just a small glimpse at how God moved this weekend. Through that students testimony, and through the multiple salvations this weekend, God reminded me that He can move in any situation, regardless of what may be going on around us. We just have to keep our focus on Christ, not let our distractions get in the way, and let God move. We had a ton of fun this weekend getting to know the students, and I am so excited to see how God continues to move in this youth group!

-Bethani Davis