Searcy Dnow 2018

The best way to kick off a new year is though a Disciple Now and, First Baptist Searcy is where the Lord lead Glowing Heart this weekend. An amazing thing I witnessed this weekend was seeing the relationships the Glowing Heart team had made with this youth group from past years. The students were so excited to see their long distant friends and, Glowing Heart was so excited to be there in Arkansas, seeing how their students had grown up throughout the years.
Friday night was an awesome start to an incredible weekend. I could already feel the beginnings of a heart change in the students. The worship was filled with songs about being on fire for Christ which was the theme for the Disciple Now. When Saturday night rolled around, there was definitely a different attitude inside the students. You could see a longing to be on fire for Christ. And after the worship time, their hearts were open. They were ready for God to set them ablaze. Austin’s message hit home with a lot of the listeners, including myself. One thing he said that has stuck with me is, “If God is going to do something through you, He has to do something in you.” That night after the invitation two students stood up to confirm that they had asked Jesus into their hearts.
After this, the youth pastor, Michael, set up a real bonfire so that the students could see an outward representation of what their hearts should look like. The next morning the students were given a chance to tell everyone about what God had done in their lives this weekend and, many of them said that being able to see this bonfire encouraged them. They also talked about how they wanted the youth group to Be Bold and to not live a two-faced life. They wanted to change the heart of Searcy, Arkansas, by first changing the heart of the youth group and changing the hearts of themselves to B-ON-FIRE for Christ. To watch the students stand up and be bold is such an encouragement. God is so good and, is so faithful. I hope to see this fire stay burning and, to see it spread.

Romans 12:11 “ Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.”

-Kelsey Reed