Southwest Park DNOW

Arriving at Southwest Park Baptist Church in Abilene, TX, we prepared for the students to arrive not knowing what God would do this weekend, but we believed something incredible would take place and we got right to work in preparation for the worship services. From the first worship service ‪on Friday night‬ to the ‪Sunday morning‬ service, God united his people in spirit and truth through every aspect of DNOW, even through the intense Olympic relay, and scavenger hunt. I’m amazed at how God can take something like recreation to build team work as well as be glorified through it all. The closeness and leadership within the youth group was something that only God could put together, as it was evident who was the center of their focus. As Saturday went on, many students were worn out by giving rec their all, but as the worship service got closer, many got excited to see how God was going to move that night. When I say God moved that night, I’ve never seen anything like it. Together, we declared who God was over our lives, we celebrated his promises and we praised him for all he has done in our lives. As Austin began to speak about the lost sheep parable (Luke 15:3-7), we had no idea that it would clearly reveal itself that night about what it means to leave the ninety-nine for the one lost sheep. One special young girl came to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior who was lost, but now found. Not only did one come to know Christ, but many students flooded the altar pouring their hearts out and devoting themselves to be on fire for The Lord.  We don’t do it for the numbers, we traveled 180 miles for one and we would go 1800 miles just for one more. God moved in a way only He can.

-Taylor Vogels