Life Church La Vernia 2018

This last weekend we went to Life church of La Vernia. About 15-20 minutes before we got to the church, as a group we each prayed for the weekend. One of the things we prayed for was God to move in the students lives and to mend the hearts of the broken. We asked for a God sized event to take place this weekend and we came in with high expectations for what God was going to do! And to absolutely no surprise, God blew our expectations completely out of the water like He always does!!!

On the way there on Friday, we ran out of gas on the side of the highway and we were there for a while. It was very hot and testing for our patience as we were so anxious and ready to get the weekend started! Finally our hero had arrived (Jerod from AAA), he gave us enough gas to make it to a gas station and then we were on our way!

Once we got there, we went to the host homes and did our sessions and the students were growing in their faith and learning how to B-ON-FIRE for God. Saturday, we finished up on sessions and had rec and it was a blast! Then the ‪Saturday night‬ service took place! Man, God was more than present in the room that night and it was amazing! Austin preached on how God can use the broken and by the end of the night, four students gave their lives to Christ! Not only that, but there were many many other students down at the altar, breaking those chains, and tearing down walls that had been holding them back. It doesn’t stop there! After some of the students did their business with God, they got up and started praying with others who were still praying and still giving their life to Christ! It was outstanding and a very awesome, God sized event for sure! This youth group is amazing and fun to be around and Lord willing I can’t wait to see them again next year!!!

-Stephen Craig