South Park DNOW

Glowing Heart didn’t travel far from home this weekend; or at all really. South Park Baptist, Glowing Heart’s home church, was the location of our D-NOW this weekend. We started our weekend off with a perfect representation of our material: a football game. In football, some players’ job is to hold the line as others must push forward. Similarly in our Christian walk, we have to hold the line and not let the devil attack us and others, and we have to push forward and bring the fight to him by actively depicting our faith. We can do this in multiple ways — praying, reading, worshiping — gathering all in His name. 

Saturday was a jam packed day, full of fun, service, and worship. After our morning time sessions, we headed to the church to play some rec games. The first game we played was called ball tag. In ball tag, there are two teams that, each one trying to completely eliminate the other. The way this is done is by passing the ball around and tagging a player of the opposite team; the catch is not being able to move once you have the ball in your possession. It is clear to see where the trouble begins; once you have possession of the ball, if you do not keep it moving, the other team’s players can simply run away from you and you will have no chance to get them out. In our walk with God, we see the same downfall. If we stay stagnant in our walk with Christ, the devil will easily be able to overcome us and beat us. He will steal our joy, plague our thoughts and draw us away from the Holy One. We need to keep moving as we walk with Christ, it is called a walk for a reason. We are not expected to instantly be able to read an entire book of the Bible in one day and pray for ten hours each and every day when we first become Christians. But we are expected to grow. Our prayer time should increase, our reading time should increase, our all-around time with God should increase as we further ourselves in Him. 

Saturdays are always my favorite day, and boy was this one powerful! Henry was expecting not to make it to the service for various health reasons and asked Trent, one of the Glowing Heart team members, to preach that night. Trent spoke on how we as Christians are to swim against the flow, we are not to be set adrift with the rest of the world. When Trent was done delivering his sermon, Henry came forth and gave a few words as well. He shared that despite not feeling well, he felt God calling him to come that night. As Henry was talking he said something that seemed to resonate with the students “We’re looking for this generation to see a glimpse of God and grab hold of it”. Henry then asked everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes. He asked those who were struggling with anything to come to the altar and those who feel lost and want to be found by a Holy, unchanging, everlasting, always-loving God to stand and come forth. That night, we had three students come to find Christ as their savior and one student recommit his life to Christ. 

“I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff before I became a Christain, but one thing I’ll never regret is giving my life to Christ” Henry Loftin

-Ryan Smith