The Hills 2018

Long travels have arrived again! This weekend, the Glowing Heart team traveled five hours to San Antonio, Texas for The Hills Dnow. On the ride there, we had a time of prayer for the church. We prayed for revival, for unity and for God to move; He exceeded all of our expectations this weekend. 

Because a lot of the youth group was new, we started off the weekend with some icebreaker games to try and break awkward first time interaction between students. First, we played rock-paper-scissors, but when someone lost, they had to cheer on the person who beat them. The other game we played was the human knot. This game requires everyone to grab hands in a tangled mess and then without breaking grip, undo themselves. These games helped the students to learn each others names and to become a little more comfortable around each other. 

On Saturday, we started off our day with a session out of our booklets. We talked about how important it is to not dwell on the past, whether it be success or failure. Afterwords, we evaluated our current stance with God, figuring out if we are retreating, holding the line, or pushing forward. It was a good eye opening lesson for the students and we had some of them verbalize that they are going to start working harder to begin their Push Forward. After our morning session we went to the church for lunch and recreation time. During rec, one of the games we played was called Protect the President. This game has two people standing in the middle of a circle made by all the other players. One of the people in the middle is the ‘president’ and the other is the ‘bodyguard’. The bodyguard’s job is to make sure the president does not get hit by the ball that all the other players are throwing. In relation to our walk with Christ, we can see ourselves as the president, God as our body guard and the ball as sin. God can protect us from all the sin in the world if He so choses to, but thats not His plan. He allows us to be attacked by the devil, but He gives us His promise that he is standing by our side. We have to trust that He “will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able” and hold fast to His word. 

On Saturday night, Henry preached on how we should be showing love to the world. We are not promised an easy time on this earth, in fact, we are told it will be difficult, for 2 Timothy 3:12 reads “Yes, and ALL who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”. Despite the persecution that we may face, we must stand up and show love to those bringing us down. The Lord is to be the center of our attention, when we replace ourselves as the center of our life with Him, that is when we begin to show godly love to the world. Henry ended Saturday night with the altar call as always, and this one was nothing short of amazing. When Henry asked students to raise their hands in surrender and come forward to give up everything to God, the pews became empty. Every student, leader, and parent that was there was moved to either give up their struggles at the altar or to support someone else who was doing so. And when Henry asked those who were lost and were seeking direction through an eternal Savior to say a prayer asking Him into their life, 8 spoke out and found God. 

“I’ve never been afraid since the day I gave my life to God” 

-Henry Loftin

Signing off,

Ryan Smith