Pampa DNOW

This weekend, Glowing Heart traveled to a place we haven’t been to in over ten years: Pampa, Texas. Before we even arrived, we were informed that this group is a young group, mainly around sixth to ninth grade. Because of the fact that this group was so young, we prayed for unity, courage, and patience for these kids. At the rally later that day, it was pretty obvious that these kids were going to be a little “in their shells” because we had them do the monkey dance, a fun little warm up to rally that has them jump around all crazy, but not too many of them were getting into it. Despite not participating into our crazy dances much, we saw some very different energy during our first session. We always pray as we go in and out of sessions and so when we asked the students if someone would like to pray us in, their hands immediately shot up. Not only were they enthusiastic about praying, they knew answers to questions we asked, and they happily answered all of those as well. Needless to say, the sessions were all wonderful and God was clearly working in these kids as we were teaching them. 

            The next day we woke up and had our morning sessions. The kids’ enthusiasm for learning about God continued throughout the morning sessions. After the morning sessions, we went back to the church for rec time. One of the games that we played during rec was ultimate frisbee. The objective is to pass the frisbee between teammates and get it into the end zone kind of like football, but the catch is that once you are holding the frisbee, you cannot move. This game relates back to our material in a sense of when you have possession of the frisbee, you do not want to run back towards your end zone (no retreat). When you do have the frisbee, you cannot move but you are still looking to pass it to move forward (hold the line). And when you throw the frisbee, you are looking to make it into the end zone (push forward). When you’re looking to throw the frisbee, there are going to be people blocking your path, some right in front of you and some in front of your teammates as well. Your teammates try to get open so that you can work together to overcome the obstacle that the other team sets in front of you. Later that day during worship, as the band began to play, all the students rushed to the front of the stage. They began to worship and praise God together as one big group, not even allowing chairs to separate them from one another. The band played a song called Mighty Warrior, a newer song that I absolutely love. It talks about how mighty our God is and how He is a consuming fire. I love that, even though a consuming fire may sound terrifying, it stops for nothing and devours all and is a picture of how God is on our side. Nothing can stop his might and we are held within his flame, being cleansed and protected from eternal damnation. After worship, Henry preached a message about His calling for us and how we need to not simply attend to church to see what we can get out of it, but to see how we can pour into it! We also should not just show up to church because we feel it is the right thing to do, but we need to expect to experience the Lord. That message must have truly resounded with the students, because when Henry began calling the students to the altar to give up their struggles, there were almost no students left in the pews. Not only did almost every student move to give up their struggles, Henry asked students to pray with him if they wanted a relationship with Christ and what followed was amazing. After he finished that prayer, he asked those that prayed to stand; thirteen students stood, professing the fact that they gave their life or rededicated their life to God. Courage, power, unity, God. All of these were seen this weekend at First Baptist Church Pampa. 

“I tried to figure out life on my own, and it didn’t work out” 

-Henry Loftin.