Oak Hills DNOW

This weekend was another amazing one! The Glowing Heart team traveled to Floresville, Texas to minister to the Oak Hills Community Church youth group. Before going into this Dnow, we were told about some problems the youth group was having, namely a struggle to find a permanent youth pastor. Honestly, my first thoughts were that these kids just are not going to be very responsive or interested because of the information we were given. But once again, God blew my expectations out of the water. During our first session, we asked the students if any of them would like to pray us in, two hand shot up lightning fast. The same thing happened when we asked them to read verses and when we asked to close in prayer. Students were very actively answering the questions we had for sessions too, and had some good, deep questions of their own for us. Despite how great the sessions went, the Saturday night worship service made my heart warm and left Heaven rejoicing.
During the concert, we performed a song that talks about how God breaks every chain. I loved that students were being broken and moved by that song because it the same song that moved me to give up big struggles in my life. The students were coming to the altar and giving up whatever was plaguing their lives. There is a lyric in the song that read “I see those chains falling” and when I say I saw enslaved children burst free from those chains, I mean nothing less. They were broken, sobbing and healing. That is not even the coolest part of the night; after the concert, Henry gave a sermon on Jonathan and how despite all the odds being against him, Jonathan was still faithful and trusted that God would keep watch over him. His courage and faith inspired an armor bearer and intern the rest of his army that was cowering. Henry then asked who is going to be like Jonathan, who is going to be the one to stand firm even when the world is against him and inspire nations to rise and stand by them? In that moment I could almost see a light shining down on one student in particular. After his sermon, Henry asked the students to search their hearts and find if they are struggling with anything that they need to surrender to God. When he called the students to come give up their struggles at the altar, the chairs were emptied. Every student had something that they struggled with and every student went to the altar to talk to God and give up their struggle. It was amazing to see and be apart of. The Glowing Heart team prayed over all the students and we even got to see 7 come to Christ.

“When the enemy tries to remind you of your past, remind him of his future!”
-Stephen Craig