Calvary Ruston DNOW

This weekend was especially exciting for me because we were going back to my hometown of Ruston, Louisiana. Even furthering my excitement was the news we got a couple weeks prior to leaving; the volleyball girls at the church had their team drop out of a tournament so they could attend the Dnow because the two fell on the same weekend. This was amazing news because the volleyball girls are really good, they were not just blowing off this tournament thinking they would probably lose. Not only did the entire volleyball team show up to the event, we even had one student bring a couple of the kids from his baseball team.
Our first night was awesome. When all the kids had arrived we ate dinner and kicked things off with MainMain, a rapper from Monroe, Louisiana. He was a ton of fun and had all the kids getting involved during his concert. He told us that we were his best crowd that he has ever performed for! After MainMain’s concert, Luke Hockenjos shared his amazingly powerful testimony. While he was speaking, he shared about how he was caught up in drug trafficking, which ended up giving him all the money, women and drugs he could ever want. As he was sharing his testimony, it really hit hard with me the similarities between his story and that of the son of David who writes in Ecclesiastes. Both of these men had everything they could ever want that this world has to offer, and both of these men realized that it was not enough to satisfy their desire for pleasure. Sometimes a story in the Bible, though powerful, can be sort of distant to us because it happened so long ago, but Luke’s story happened less than a decade ago. His story impacted everyone especially two students in particular. After hearing Luke’s testimony, they decided to give their lives to God.
On Saturday, we rec time at the Lambright, the sports center for Louisiana Tech. The students all had a blast playing basketball, pool, ping pong, swimming, volleyball, bowling and rock climbing. There was so much to do, and so much to try and follow that at times it was a little overwhelming to try and keep track of every single student. But I soon realized that I am not responsible for keeping up with every single student on the entire campus; we have a ton of leaders for a reason. Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes too. We often feel like we have to be lording over every aspect of our lives and everything has to go our way, but God has been lording over everything a whole lot longer than we have. He has a little more experience in doing so and can be trusted with our lives. Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. “Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26 (NIV). Saturday night was great. After our concert Henry preached and afterwards called the students to give up all their burdens to God. Almost all 110 students crowded the altar. It was an amazing sight, students crammed like sardines on the steps, leaders surrounding them all and praying for them. This weekend a total of 7 students recommitted or for the first time gave their lives to God.

“I have true confidence that in life, God will be by my side, in death, I will be with God in Heaven, and over all, God is lord”
-Ryan Smith