Life Church

This weekend, Glowing Heart traveled to La Vernia, Texas for a DNOW at Life Church. Multiple vehicle troubles caused us to have to take one 12 passenger van (we normally take two) and Henry’s truck for all 14 of us to be able to make the trip. Various other inconveniences already had some members in a less than positive mood; Satan was already at work. Life Church had recently been going through some rough patches, dealing with difficulties such as financial issues and positional stability. Their new associate pastor felt overwhelmed sometimes as he is trying to fill multiple positions at the church at the same time, which can understandably be a very difficult thing to do. I’m sure planning a weekend retreat did not help his already stressful situation. But the number of kids that showed up already exceeded expectations. A church that normally sees maybe four kids on Wednesday night church service had upward of twenty kids come to DNOW weekend! Though Satan was fighting hard against us, God was already doing amazing things. One kid in particular stood out to me. He was a shy kid that excluded himself from the other kids, and he often would sit at a table by himself. The boy’s timidity made any sort of communication difficult, but I tried my best to get any sort of conversation out of him. He gave me his name and told me he liked video games but other than that, the only answer I got from his was “I don’t know”. He was deciding on if he wanted to stay for the weekend or not but was more so leaning on not staying; to cut a long story short he decided against staying. He did, however, show up for the day time events the following day (his main issue was staying at a stranger’s house). Because he did not want to stay with us at the host home, he missed the first three sessions that we did. After a day of recreation and the concert though, the boy decided to stay at the host home with us. It was a miracle, the same boy who would barely speak to me less than 24 hours earlier had been playing with the other kids and even decided to spend the night with them all. Here comes my main point: growth. That boy had grown out of his shell and started to interact with others more when at first, he completely ignored them. The original cause of his unwillingness to stay was fear. Fear is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to sharing the Gospel. But when we overcome that fear, that is when something amazing happens. When we overcome that fear, we begin to share our faith. And I don’t know about y’all, but when I share my faith, I get passionate about it; I ramble on and on about how amazing God is and how He has impacted my life in amazing ways. I can honestly say that I have never regretted sharing my faith. Not because someone judged me, not because someone rejected me and not even because someone cut me out of their life. Nothing has ever made me regret sharing my faith; and fear is not a hurdle that I have to overcome anymore. Why? Because I have grown out of my shell that caused me to worry what other think and fear what they might do or say. I have grown into the idea that God’s judgment of me is more important than that of other around me. Also, God has showed me that refusing to share the good news is greedy and disobedient to what God has called me to. I want to end by telling everyone reading this to share what you believe. I am not asking, I am not suggesting, I am telling. If you let fear step in the way of sharing your faith, then you never know what could have been. Every day I regret not sharing more about my faith with my two closest friends and my brother. I life almost five hours away from them all now, which makes sharing my faith with them just that much more difficult. However, I get filled with hope when I think about this phrase in relation to my lost friends and family:

“It’s only too late when they’re dead.”

-Ryan Smith