Montana Blog: I challenge you to read the whole thing.

Over the course of the month of June, Glowing Heart has almost constantly been on the move. Pacesetters Camp came and went successfully. We even had the blessing of witnessing 14 middle schools and 4 high schoolers come to a deep realization of their need for Christ over those incredible two weeks. All in all, PaceSetters was an event that has blessed the lives of both students and leaders, allowing all of us to develop and grow in our own relationships with the Lord.

After ending PaceSetters on Saturday, the 15th, we returned back to our homes for a few days of rest until our flight for Montana departed on Wednesday the following week. However, it seems there is no rest for the weary as Henry and Stephen left Sunday afternoon to drive the trailer to Montana with all of our gear. The trip to Montana was something that was exciting for us as we had heard from the previous years of GH how beautiful it was. From the moment we stepped off the plane, it was obvious this was no exaggeration. Some of our members had never seen mountains before, so this was an especially sweet experience for them. Shane, the associate pastor of Clinton Community Church and the son-in-law of our beloved director, picked us up from the airport and took us into the mountains, where we would spend our first few days camping with students and enjoying God’s creation. This was an amazing experience and we even were able to hike up Mt. LoLo where we got snowed on! (in the middle of summer!) On Saturday, we returned back to Clinton for the night so we could lead worship in the church service the following morning.

Through worship and Henry’s preaching of the word, we learned from Luke 13:6-9 about producing fruits in our Christian walks. The fruits expected of believers are the fruits of repentance, the fruits of the Spirit, and the fruits of sharing of the word with unbelievers. With this message to challenge us, we began our week of VBS with the local children. VBS was enjoyable as we learned all about how God is good in all circumstances. (For you Baptists in the crowd, say it with me. All the time… God is good.) Playing with the kids was a blast, but it was the times during the bible stories and hearing our kids talk that was truly the best part. During the afternoons of each day, we often had a bit of free time where some of us would rest and others would go be tourists around Missoula.

Thursday night got a bit more competitive for Glowing Heart as we were challenged by Clinton Community Church to a softball game. The game was a blast to participate in, and the important part of it was the fellowship and joy we received from our time spent with other believers. It was also made even more fun by Glowing Hearts comeback win of 15-11. (Go GH!)

On Friday, we then were able to play another softball game with some other churches from the area just before our final concert at the softball fields. While we were setting up our equipment for the concert, we feared that it could possibly rain us out, but the Lord was faithful and the rain split around us. As we neared the end of our concert, we were singing the song Great I Am, and something absolutely beautiful happened. The clouds behind us broke and everyone was able to worship while the Lord showed his majesty behind us in a beautiful sunset. What most didn’t see however, was the moment when the sun broke through and the mountain opposite of the sunset looked to be bathed in gold dust. Personally, it touched my heart to see the Lord’s beauty revealed in such a magnificent way during that concert. Sadly though, all things must come to a close; so as the sun went down, Glowing Heart packed up the trailer one last time, thanking the Lord for a wonderful year in service to him. We leave this incredible GH season and summer remembering our ultimate goal which is presented to us in Matthew 28, “Go therefore and make disciples of ALL nations.” Thank you, Jesus, for a wonderful year, we are excited to see what you do in GH next year.