FBC Pampa

Glowing Heart is officially back in the DNOW season! Early Friday morning, we loaded up in the van to head to Pampa, Tx. Last year was our first time doing a DNOW at First Baptist Pampa, but some former members may remember the town fondly from their own time in GH. For around 12 years, Glowing Heart put on DNOWs at Central Baptist Church in Pampa but has not been there since 2004.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by old friends that we had met last year at DNOW. Stephen, a Glowing Heart Alumnus, joined us all the way from Huntsville to serve alongside us at Pampa. After we set up in their youth building, the Vault, we joined with some of the youth workers for dinner before all the students arrived. We played a short set and then separated out into our individual host homes to do some Bible study sessions and hang out for a while.

Our material this year is called Blueprints. In a world of confusion, where even some of the smallest facts of life can be questioned, people are desperate for something that is permanent and true. The goal of Blueprints is to help nail down some foundational aspects of what the Christian faith is.

Recently, FBC Pampa has been hosting Taco Tuesday, where they bus in high school students for some tacos at church during lunch. During this time, students who attend FBC Pampa are given the opportunity to share their stories with their peers. This has given the students incredible opportunities to learn what it means to share their faith. This matched up perfectly with our material and we were given the chance to help these students to nail down exactly what they believe so that they can confidently talk to their friends.

On Saturday, we did another session and went to the church to do some rec. The kids had a blast playing Protect the President and 3-Way Soccer. Afterwards, we returned to the host homes to wash up and hang out before service. Of course, for the middle school boys this time included wrestling competitions and several concerned comments from leaders to be careful.

At worship that night, the students sang out to the Lord and worshipped with of us. Rob Loftin, the new Assistant Executive Director for Glowing Heart, then led us in the word. He spoke out of Exodus 23:2a, which says, “You shall not fall in with the many to do evil.” His message about the dangers of following the crowd spoke strongly to both students and leaders. During the invitation, many students flooded the front of the stage, praying to the Lord and asking Him to guide them throughout the trials and temptations that they face on a daily basis. The Lord truly did move mightily in the lives of these students, and I know that they will continue to grow in the truths that were taught over the weekend through the mentorship and love of the leaders at FBC Pampa.

As I write this blog, we are currently driving back to Dallas from Pampa. With many miles behind us and more to come us, I cannot help but get excited about how God is going to move this year in Glowing Heart. With our first DNOW down, we wait excitedly for the next opportunity to pour the love of Christ into students.