New Prospect Baptist Church

For the last DNOW of our Fall semester, we made the trek out to New Prospect Baptist Church in Dry Prong, Louisiana. Glowing Heart is returning here for our third year, so it we were all excited to see old friends. After a long drive, we arrived at the church and set up our equipment. Then we ate some dinner and spent time catching up with students from last year.

            For this DNOW, we actually were at the church the whole time because we were spending the night at the church as well. After worship and sessions, the kids stayed up late with us, begging to play a game of sardines. Sometimes, churches can be kind of creepy at night in the dark, but when you are surrounded by friends laughing and playing games, it was really fun.

            On Saturday, we woke up, did another session, and then went outside to play some recreation. It was cold, but with the games that we played, we quickly warmed up. We played a game of soccer (Kelsey very much approved this one) and then Wilson pulled out a game that we had not played yet but was hilarious to watch. It was tag, but the caveat was that you had to keep one hand on the top of your head at all times. Then the only way to tag someone was to tag their elbow. Short people were at a disadvantage for this game. Lastly, we played a game of ultimate frisbee, which is just a good time in general.

            That afternoon, we were taken to various homes in the church where we were able to shower and wash up. Lucky for us, the LSU v Alabama football game was on, so many of the homes treated us to some good old southern hospitality. Let it be known, I, Zach Masey, will never argue if you put a bowl of gumbo in front of me and tell me to eat it. (I’m talking to you Ruston, LA). We all had a good rest, watched Alabama lose, and then headed back up to the church for worship.

            Trent brought the message for us this week, and we got to hear about Daniel in the lion’s den, and how we can trust the Lord’s goodness for our lives. We can trust that he has our best interests in mind, even when we cannot see it.

            Now as we make the long drive back from our last DNOW of the season, I have been thinking about God’s provision in our lives. Sometimes, things can be hard, and life can be frustrating. Many of us in Glowing Heart are still students and are trying to balance schoolwork, GH, and other things. God always provides for what he calls us to though. He has been so good to provide for our needs throughout this year, and as we head into the final stretches of this semester, we are resting up, excited to see what God will do in the coming year.

Zach Masey