2019 Recap

Dear Glowing Heart Supporter,

2019 has been such an incredible year. Glowing Heart has seen God move mountains and we wanted to share it with you! We are so very thankful for each of our supporters and the ways that the Lord is using each individual to further His Kingdom.

Glowing Heart has loved sharing the Gospel through many different avenues this year. We have collectively invested in PaceSetters, CoffeeStop, and Disciple Now Weekends. We have also expanded by investing in a scholarship opportunity as we launched the Glowing Heart Legacy Scholarship. This year has also held an exciting transition with the addition of an Administrative Team. Please rejoice with us and what the Lord has done!

PaceSetters has been a part of Glowing Heart Ministries for twenty-three years. It is an intensive week of worship, recreation, Bible studies, and discussion. Thousands of students have taken part and even more lives have been affected as we have gone to surrounding communities to engage in community service projects each camp. It has been incredible to see the Lord continue to bring students back year after year. Please read and rejoice with us over one of our student’s testimonies from PaceSetters 2019.

My walk with Christ started at a young age. I was only in the third grade when I had originally asked God into my heart at my very first church camp. As the years went by, I wasn’t noticing anything different about my life. I was expecting some miraculous thing to happen, even though I wasn’t putting in the effort. Fast forward to 8th grade, being thirteen I was already confused enough, but recently getting over a dark spot in my life I had decided to renew my relationship with Christ. At this time,I thought it was my last week at Focus Point Base Camp with Glowing Heart. The next year was great. I had good friends, and I was happy. When high school hit though, friendships changed and my mood changed. I looked happy on the outside, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me on the inside. Being able to return to PaceSetters, one the best camps I’ve ever been a part of, was a great way for me to escape from everyday stresses. Hearing the story shared by one of the Glowing Heart members about how she had realized she had been going through the motions with her relationship with God, I started crying and I didn’t know why. I went to talk to one of my leaders at the time, Ryan, and he helped me through my own realization of me going through the motions. I got baptized later that week and the rest of that summer was wonderful. Learning how to grow in the Word of God was exciting to me. The most important thing I have had to remember throughout my life with Christ is that it only takes one time, one time to ask Jesus to spend the rest of your life with him. It’s your job to keep that relationship growing. We can’t just sit back and expect good things to happen if we don’t put in the work ourselves.

CoffeeStop is another sector of Glowing Heart Ministries. This ministry is an afterschool program geared towards students who attend South Grand Prairie High School. Volunteers gathered each week during the 2019 semesters to engage in relationship building, homework tutoring, and Gospel sharing. Over the course of this past year, we saw God use these relationships to bring students closer to Himself. What a joy CoffeeStop has been! 

Our leaders engaged in fourteen Disciple Now Weekends during 2019. Each weekend was filled with laughter, tears, breakthrough, testimony, and worship. Glowing Heart members were able to reunite with past students and were also able to build new relationships with new students as well. These friendships are more than a moment. They are instrumental in spurring the students and the leaders on in their relationships’ with Christ. Our hope is that these relationships continue to encourage believers to continue to spread Christ throughout their communities and the world.

Since our beginnings in 1988 we have seen over 11,000 surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and claim Him as their Lord and Savior. We have continued to see students join this movement over this past year. It has been a great joy to rejoice in the Lord and His peoples’ salvation. 

2019 has also entailed a new way for this ministry to give back to the former members and their families. The Glowing Heart Legacy Scholarship was formed to financially support the children of Glowing Heart Members and help them share the Gospel on Mission Trips. We had our first recipient this December, and we are excited to sponsor many more in the future.

Another exciting transition that took place in 2019 is the Glowing Heart Administrative Team. For 32 years, Glowing Heart has been led under the direction of Henry Loftin, but now five other individuals will be joining him to run with this ministry in the direction that the Lord is taking it. 

As the Executive Director, Henry Loftin will concentrate on the Board of Directors, supporters, GH alumni, day to day operations and mentoring the current GH team members.

Rob Loftin is the Associate Executive Director. Rob will be running beside Henry in many of the behind the scenes; however, questions and ideas will be directed to him as he distributes the responsibilities of the group. Rob has already begun preaching the Sunday morning sermons and is doing an incredible job.

Noah Wylie has come on board as the Worship Arts Director. He will work to put together music for the team to learn at the week-long music camps that Glowing Heart members participate in every semester. Noah will put together the worship night music and continue to work for the betterment of the entire band and team to further glorify God.

Kelsey Reed is the CoffeeStop Manager and Student Programs Director. Kelsey will work with the local students at South Park Baptist Church to reach out to South Grand Prairie High School that is right next door. She gathers volunteers from local colleges and universities to spread the gospel and be a friend to the students that attend our “CoffeeStop” afterschool program. 

Trent Hipp is the Camp Coordinator. He will be working to better our camp facilities in Alba, TX, not only for our PaceSetters leadership camp, but also for other groups that come to use Focus Pointe Base Camp. He will better the access and usage of the campgrounds that we love so much.

Shae Harp is the Missions Director. Shae will be focusing on Glowing Heart’s local, national, and international mission trips. She will continue to focus on and seek more ways to spread the gospel across the world. Glowing Heart will continue to engage in local opportunities, as well as, traveling to Costa Rica in June of 2020.

By adding the Administrative Team, Glowing Heart will be able to dream bigger and reach further for The Kingdom than ever before. 

We are so thankful for all the things that the Lord has done in this past year, and we are so excited for the things that He will continue to do in 2020. 

Thank you so much for your continued support. We are excited to partner with you for another year of worshiping, serving, and glorifying our King. Glowing Heart wishes you a Happy New Year. We pray that your 2020 is full of joy!