Braxton Dawson

Age: 18
Attending: Lincoln College of Technology for Welding
Major: Welding
Hometown: Floresville, TX
Role in GH: Electric Guitarist
I grew up in a Christian household. from s early as I can remember it was the usual to have the whole family get up each Sunday morning and attend church together. as a young child I was just going through the motions and through middle school I grew in my faith. everything was great! the summer between my sophomore and junior year my mom and stepdad were separated for she wanted to get a divorce. this made me upset and I began to rebel against my family and my faith. I began to get involved in alcohol and drug abuse through my junior year. I thought that the decisions I was making were making me happy and that all my problems were fading away. it wasn’t until my senior year that I saw how wrong I was. Christ was the only one that could help deliver me from my sins and after years of trying to do it myself with failure I invite Him in and He transformed my heart and my mind. He gave me a new life worth living and told me that I am a valuable asset to His Kingdom. Now I am fully certain my purpose on this Earth is to further His Kingdom and to disciple students during D-Nows and at various camps with Glowing Heart! Philippians 4:13, “For I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”


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