Packing List

Things to bring!

Don’t forget these things.

1001450_10151250739898039_1213297037_n1. Excitement, a Good Attitude, and a Teachable/Servant’s Heart
2. Your Bible
3. A Journal for Taking Notes
4. Pens or Pencils
5. Bedding/Pillow (Bunk Bed)
6. Personal Toiletries
7. Medication/Inhalers
8. Towel/s
9. Casual Clothes for Sessions/Worship (Modest Shorts, Sandals are Fine)
10. Work Clothes and Shoes – (Painting, Lawn Care, Cleaning, etc.)
11. Work Gloves
12. Recreation Clothes and Tennis Shoes (Modest)
13. Sun Screen
14. Mosquito Repellant
15. Flashlight
16. Alarm Clock
17. Leave Your ipods and Such Electronics at Home
18. Swim Suit for Lake Holbrook (Modest, One Piece)
19. A Water Bottle

20. Money for the General Store

Here are some important phone numbers for you and your parents:

Henry Loftin’s Cell – 214.354.8794 (limited service while on the camp grounds)

Jill Loftin’s Cell – 214.796.1254 (She has an uncanny way of being able to get in touch with Henry)

Rob Loftin’s Cell – 214.435.6982

Please Give the Cell Phone Numbers of Your Leaders to Your Parents

See you soon!