The Hills DNOW 2017

It is always so fulfilling to see how the Lord moves despite what may be going on around us. This past D-Now in San Antonio is a perfect example of how Christ can still work in peoples lives even when other things happen that try to distract us. We started off the weekend like we do every weekend, by meeting … Read More

New Prospect Baptist Church 2017

As we arrived at New Prospect Baptist Church, there was a love in the air, not like in relationships, but the lovebugs that were flying around. We were swarmed by them, from the beginning of the weekend as we stepped out of the vans to during recreation as we played games, even to the moment I went to close up … Read More

“Theology on Fire”

The combination of mist and wind made for a chilly friday afternoon when Glowing Heart arrived at Cornerstone. It didn’t warm up much for the rest of the weekend. We quickly unloaded our equipment and finished set-up with haste. Once everything on my part was done, I went to my bible. I was planning a last-minute sermon. Because of some … Read More

A View on Differences and Similarities

I love long road trips. They relax me. This trip was a little less than relaxing though, because instead of the usual two-vehicle caravan Glowing Heart travels with, we were all together in one van– for five and a half hours. I get tense sitting in between people for extended periods of time (I try to sit on the end … Read More

God of All Sound and Mercy

The Calvary DNOW in Ruston, Louisiana was one of the most unique DNOWs we’ve had in awhile. It brought unique challenges and lessons and unique blessings and illumination of who God is. And that seems to be the theme of Glowing Heart this year: the greater challenge we face, the greater reward of seeing Christ’s power revealed. With Henry still … Read More

Our Home

One of the most common things that surprises other people about Glowing Heart is that not all of the members go to the same college, church, or are from the same area. We go to school at UTA, Tarrant County College, the College at Southwestern, UNT Dallas, Arlington Baptist College, Texas Woman’s University, North Central Texas County College, and Christ … Read More

Spiritual Warfare in the Jim Ned Valley

It’s no coincidence that our DNOW material this year is a discussion on spiritual warfare, the wiles of the devil, and the victory of Christ, because our weekend in the Jim Ned Valley was filled to the brim of all three. The Jim Ned DNOW is huge (if I remember correctly, we had over 200 students in attendance), so we … Read More

The Hills Church DNOW 2015

I was really looking forward to this DNOW. The Hills Church DNOW in San Antonio was certainly one of my favorites last year, and I couldn’t wait any longer to come back this year. When I try to explain why it was one of my favorites, I’ll mention that the students had similar music tastes to mine, from the Beatles … Read More

God’s Plan in Eustace, Texas

God has His own plans. Glowing Heart went to Eustace, Texas one Wednesday afternoon for a youth rally. Earlier that morning, students all over the country (including those in Eustace), gathered around their school’s flag poles for “See You At The Pole” (SYATP) to lift up prayer and worship. Since our youth rally was after SYATP, we called it “Saw … Read More

CWC Operation Reality 2015

“So shall my [the LORD God’s] word be that goes out from my mouth;    it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” – Isaiah 55:11   This past weekend in Perryton, Texas, the Word was preached and taught. It went forth before … Read More