Lake Fork Baptist Church DNOW 2013

As one of the returning members this year, I was very excited to start the new Glowing Heart year. Music camp was a fantastic experience and it was great to see how the new members gelled as a team both musically and spiritually. Going into this DNOW I looked forward to seeing how the new team worked in the field. … Read More

Glowing Heart Reunion Testimony – Richard Moore

Going to the 25th anniversary reunion, reminded me again how blessed I was to be a part of a birth of a miracle that still moves today. I can’t help remember thinking back to the day I auditioned for Henry in the cold, cement covered basement of the DBU Learning Center . I walked in and there was Henry, with … Read More

Oak Hills Community Church, Floresville, TX – Rahul Shah

It is never just another DNOW. God has an amazing way of meeting us wherever we go; He stirs up people to surrender to Him and let him take control of their lives. Last weekend Glowing Heart Ministries drove to Oak Hills Community Church, Floresville, TX for the second-to-last DNOW of this season. We actually arrived a little earlier than … Read More